Individuals: IM session or email exchange costs £35; web-cam or phone session costs £40.

Couples: I charge £48 for one email exchange (this comprises one email from each partner to me, and one reply from me to both partners).

Payment of the fee must be made in advance of the session, or when you send your email. I am required, by the tax authorities where I live, to issue an invoice to you, which I will normally do by email on the day of the session, or on the day you send your email.

I am sometimes able to offer concessionary sessions so please let me know if you want to talk about this option. If you need to cancel a session within 48 hours of our appointment, you will still need to pay the fee unless we can rearrange for a mutually convenient time.

I review my fee annually with any change taking effect from 1 January.

You can pay me by PayPal, using the button below, or by bank transfer. Please be aware that all PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal privacy policy, which you will find here.